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Rethinking What it Means to Feel Stiff

Does Feeling Stiff Correlate to Being Stiff? This might surprise you, but not always and usually not ever. Current research shows that there is no correlation between feeling stiff and actually being stiff. However, the people who reported feeling stiff had a protective mechanism in which their bodies over-responded to forces applied to the body. This suggests lack of coordination and almost definitely an instability of some kind. Essentially, their body doesn’t trust itself to hold everything together and upright so it responds to certain movements but tightening and tensing in order to protect itself. The instinct of most people who experience this faux “tightness” is to stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. This may even offer some temporary relief but the sensation of being tight all the time will likely be relentless until the underlying problem is addressed. And the constant stretching is likely making the problem worse, so before...