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We understand the frustration of chronic pain and the confusion of trying to find a solution. When you schedule an appointment with us, you'll receive a thorough exam and get the answers you're looking for. O'Guin Wellness is here to help improve your overall health.

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O'Guin Wellness is a partner in your journey to improved well-being, offering not only physical healing but also empowering knowledge for sustained resilience on the path to wellness. Our office is conveniently located in Saint Louis, MO, offering a variety of chiropractic solutions. We customize personalized treatment plans with an emphasis on long-term success for patients.


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Whether you're a new patient looking for answers and solutions to a complicated condition, or just need a chiropractic adjustment, our office can help. Our chiropractors can help no matter if you are recovering from an injury or are experiencing chronic back pain or neck pain, so call O'Guin Wellness today!

We specialize in leading, non-invasive therapies that restore alignment, enhance movement, and promote healing.

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Movement As Medicine

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to work with athletes of all abilities. We use movement screen assessments to address the kinematic chain specific to each athlete's sport. Movement screens help us determine the essential areas to focus on for the best results. Our programming focuses on stability, strength & conditioning, balance & coordination, and power development.

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Embody Personal Training

We also offer a variety of personal training options designed specifically to keep you out of pain, more fit, and performing optimally.

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Join our community of satisfied customers throughout the entirety of St. Louis County, Missouri, including Kirkwood, Ballwin, Webster Groves, Brentwood, Clayton, Shrewsbury, Town and Country, Des Peres, Manchester, Sunset Hills, Sappington, and Concord, who have experienced the transformative power of O'Guin Wellness chiropractic services.


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