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We offer the highest quality care and a variety of treatment options that work best for you.



This option is perfect for clients who need a spinal alignment and a small amount of stretching or myofascial release.

10- Minutes
No major complaint
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Best for clients who need more focused attention on a key area and additional time for myofascial release, stretching, or acupuncture.

20- Minutes
Additional therapies
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Recommended for new patients, or returning clients that would like a more extensive exam, therapies, or rehabilitation.

40- Minutes
New patients
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Option To Save Money

Do You Offer Discounts or Packages?

YES. We have options to save 20% or 30% with two different package options.

Some conditions require several consecutive sessions for optimal healing. We want to help if you're willing to invest in your health.

Packages must be purchased in office or over the phone. Contact our office for more information.

Why Did You Stop Accepting Insurance?

We recognized that there is already an abundance of chiropractors and physical therapists that are rushed to keep up with a high volume of patients.

There are fewer HIGH-QUALITY physicians dedicated to looking at the body in a holistic way. Instead of working for an insurance company, we can now WORK FOR YOU.

We still accept HSA payments

We can give receipts if you would like to submit yourself


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We specialize in leading, non-invasive therapies that restore alignment, enhance movement, and promote healing.



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