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Optimal Health: Mental Health a.k.a. the Root of All Health

We can’t talk about Optimal Health without bringing up mental health. Mental health is the root of all health. For decades studies have shown that our mindset, attitudes, and beliefs have a profound impact on our overall health. Along those lines, things like stress anxiety, and depression can alter brain physiology and immune system function which increases your risk of getting sick, experiencing poor digestion, inadequate sleep and much more. Here are some tips to improve your mental health.   Stay inspired. Inspiration feels good and creates motivation. Our attitudes, beliefs, and emotions are heavily influenced by what we watch and listen to most frequently. To this end, consider a mental diet. Avoid the junk and gravitate towards media that keeps you inspired.   Increase your self-confidence. An easy way to do this is by following through with goals. Being motivated by a goal leads to dedication which then offers gratification after achieving it....