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Clinical Neurodynamics

What is Clinical Neurodynamics? Clinical Neurodynamics is a system of evaluating and treating nerve tension and restrictions. It makes use of the fact that the nervous system is intricately connected throughout the body, with attachments at all ends. Nerves attach to connective tissue within the central nervous system via meninges. They also have attachments into peripheral tissues such as skin, muscles, bones and fascia. With knowledge of how to isolate and place tension on specific nerves, diagnosing and treating can become more specific.   How it Works In order to accommodate for the body’s natural movements, the nervous system itself has mechanisms allowing it to be mobile. First, nerves are capable of elongating, this especially takes place on the convex side of joint movement. Once nerves become lengthened, they eventually develop tension. At the end ranges of a stretch, once tensioned, nerves are capable of sliding through adjacent tissues. This sliding component is essential,...