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What is Joint Centration?

Joint centration is a common term used to describe the proper alignment of joints. This is the most beneficial or optimal position for a joint to properly support the body, as well as to allow for the most desirable movement. In short, joint centration allows for the best possible distribution of loads at the articular surfaces. Traditionally, chiropractors have talked about “subluxations” and bones being out of place. I believe the joint centration model to be more accurate in describing the benefits that chiropractic treatments provide. In this article, I would like to briefly describe the importance of joint centration in dealing with musculoskeletal pain, and what is involved in achieving joint centration. Primarily joint dysfunctions are the result of muscular imbalance, although traumatic injuries can surely play a role. There are many patterns of muscular imbalance, as well as mechanisms for how they develop. The take-home message is essentially that...