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Treatments and Management Strategies for Low Back Disc Bulges

If you're suffering from low back pain caused by a disc bulge, this post will be a great resource for you. Although they are extremely painful, the majority of them will heal. They are much more likely to heal and can heal faster if you avoid some common mistakes and apply the correct therapies. Before trying any particular therapy, it is helpful to understand the purpose of a disc and how they get injured. Once you understand the mechanism of disc bulges, it is easier to grasp what therapies will be most beneficial. The disc has 3 basic components; an outside layer of rings that are tough and fibrous, and inside gel, and cartilage caps above and below. Essentially, the disc is a spacer in between the bones of the spine. This spacer is what allows all of the movement in our back. You can watch the following video for visuals and...