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Low Back Pain From Deadlifts

Getting low back pain after performing a deadlift is becoming more common with this exercise gaining so much more popularity. This used to be an exercise almost exclusively done by power lifters. With core stability becoming a big buzz word, this exercise is being recognized as a great option. The 'Core' muscles include all muscles that connect to the pelvis. Most importantly, the abdominal muscles and the glutes. The core is the center of gravity and the foundation for all other movements. Keeping these muscles strong can have far reaching health benefits, including helping with back pains. What makes the deadlift so appealing is that it uses so many muscles all with one movement. If the deadlift is so great, why do so many people hurt themselves while doing it? There are a couple of answers to that. First, most people don't use correct form and posture. Proper pelvis alignment while doing...