St. Louis back pain relief resources from Dr. O'Guin
In addition to giving excellent care, Dr. O'Guin enjoys educating his patients on how to maintain the best spine health possible.

The Self-Management page is an excellent resource to learn some the the best stretches and exercises for managing back and neck pain. Dr. O’Guin has videos demonstrating core stability and strengthening exercises. He also has numerous important stretches for better alignment and relieving pain.

The posture correction page is available to learn all about improving posture. Good posture and alignment is required as the foundation for pain free movements. Improving posture doesn’t have to be difficult. I can actually be very easy with the right information and taking the time to retrain it.

Also available are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. in this FAQ page, you can find most of the answers you’re looking for. We’re always available to answer any additional questions if you prefer to call our office.

Dr. O’Guin treats a wide variety of muscular skeletal conditions including: low back pain, neck pain and pinched nerves. There are many therapies that can be successfully utilized in treating these types of spine pain. Some of the most common treatments used are myofascial release, stretching and chiropractic adjustments.

As soon as the pain is gone, exercises to keep it from returning are recommended. Dr. O’Guin incorporates functional rehabilitation as a way to teach patients how to maintain good posture, movements and live more pain free.

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