Simple Stability Exercise; For the Pain In Your Neck

We are constantly striving for stability in our core with the hopes of improving posture and relieving back pain. Don’t get me wrong, core stability is the foundation of all movements and should be a major focus for everyone. However, let’s stop neglecting neck stability. Neck stability not only helps to maintain correct posture but can help relieve neck pain, upper back pain, and even headaches. Strengthening and Stabilizing Exercises Before I go over specific exercises, I would like to differentiate between the concept of strengthening and stabilizing as it pertains to exercising your neck. Strengthening involves moving against a force while stabilizing requires resisting movement under a similar force. When it comes to your neck, and the spine in general, it’s a good idea to focus on stabilizing exercises. Simple Neck Stability Exercises It is important to start any movement or exercise with good posture. For your neck this means shifting your head back...