May 22, 2022

Optimal Health Series: Nutrition

This is a tough one for most. Our love-hate relationship with food can make achieving any

Optimal Health Series: Nutrition

This is a tough one for most. Our love-hate relationship with food can make achieving any health related goal very difficult. In the first two videos of this Optimal Health series I outline what I have found to be the most important things to consider when tackling nutrition.


The contradictions within the realm of nutrition are endless, which is part of what makes this the most difficult part of building a healthier lifestyle. So before we talk specifics, let’s start with the best way to approach the subject. This involves mostly just changing your mindset. Every single thing that we do in life begins with intention so I would recommend spending a decent amount of time developing that intention. This should include your purpose for wanting to make changes, what obstacles you might face, and the specific (and realistic) goals you hope to achieve. There are no wrong answers, but the deeper you go the more likely you are to succeed. This process has been known to help with increasing confidence, motivation, and commitment which puts you at an advantage right out of the gate.


After you have really thought through and developed a solid mindset, it’s time to make a plan. I imagine I don’t have to explain the importance of having a plan. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you are creating a plan that’s specific to you.

Plan your meals. Planning each and every meal leaves you no room to lean on the more convenient go-tos of your previous diet. It allows you a much less stressful approach to nutrition that sets you up to stay on track.

Know your triggers. Resisting temptation requires an incredible amount of discipline and willpower. If you can identify when you are most vulnerable to making poor choices, you become better equipped at handling those situations without going astray.

Have a partner. This grade-school staple may seem silly but, the buddy system really works. Having someone in your corner can be the difference between just another failed attempt and the start of a new and healthier lifestyle. Who we surround ourselves with plays a huge role in who we become, so choose wisely.

Clean out your fridge. This one may seem obvious but limiting your access to trigger foods makes staying on track that much easier. The harder it is to get your hands on the stuff you aren’t supposed to eat the better!

Know what foods to focus on. There are a million diets out there so choosing what makes the most sense for you is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure your success. I recommend, not choosing a specific diet, but simply to implement what most of these reputable diets have in common.