Relieving Low Back Pain from Sitting

This video will help to give you some ideas for managing low back pain from sitting. This type of low back pain is sometimes called flexion intolerant low back pain because flexion or rounding of the low back is what is painful or not tolerated.

The pain generator from this type of low back pain is usually the discs in between the vertebrae (bones) of the spine. Sitting in a rounded position for too long of periods of time is a common way to irritate those discs.

The idea for managing this is to get into positions where the spine is not in that excessive flexion for long periods. Sometimes an easy fix can be as simple as putting a small rolled up towel in the small of your back. You can also buy a lumbar spine support and use that between the chair and the small of your back. Other options are to frequently extend backwards within a comfortable range, called a McKenzie extension pose, or sphinx pose in yoga. Finally, standing up frequently, reaching upwards and bending back or side to side can be beneficial.

Not mentioned in the video but also helpful can be decompression of the low back, inversion tables and or spinal manipulation, stretching and myofascial release. It is advisable to check with a local spinal health specialist to see if these would be okay for you. Finally, it is also advisable to be active and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Balancing strength and flexibility is recommended and this can be done by changing your routine frequently. Some examples could be lifting weights, stretching, yoga, circuit training classes etc. Most important in finding an exercise routine is to do something that you enjoy.

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