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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

I’m happy to announce that my wife, Natalie O’Guin, is now a nutrition coach! 

Here are some reasons that coaching could be great for you:

Individualized plan. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars and perhaps even more hours sifting through the nutrition information, let a coach explain the best option for you. Here are just a few of the many diets and eating styles: Mediterranean diet, anti-inflammatory diet, Dean Ornish diet, Whole 30, 28 day reset, Paleo, Atkins, Keto, Vegetarian, Jenny Craig, and let’s not forget the new trends in intermittent fasting. The amount of information is overwhelming and causes a lot of people to take no action at all (paralysis by analysis). A great coach understands the values and pitfalls of each of these and can help you decide the best option for your body type and personal goals.

Support. No matter the goal, as humans, we are more successful when we have someone or many people in our corner. It is emotionally fatiguing to stick with a new goal. It’s always easier to go back to doing what we were doing before. I call this the path of least resistance, and it’s what causes most people to fail at achieving their goals. An excellent coach offers guidance and support when it’s needed most.

Accountability. Persistence is perhaps the single most important ingredient for making lasting change. Will power and discipline can be improved with time and practice. However, the majority of people give up too early. The greatest gift a coach has to offer is inspiration and motivation to get you past those sticking points.


Natalie is offering nutrition coaching services that include the following:

  • 6 weeks of nutrition coaching
  • 2 personal, one on one sessions (one at the beginning and one at the halfway point)
  • 4 nutrition classes to discuss the common denominators in all sustainable healthy eating plans
  • daily emails for continued support, inspiration, meal plans, and applicable information
  • phone or email support when you need it to answer any questions that day


Because this is a new program we are offering, we are looking to create success stories. What this means is, It’s an excellent opportunity for you! You get all of these services at a fantastic price. 

The price is a one time $250. Yes, 6 weeks of having your own nutrition coach for only $250.


To sign up, email us at jeffrey.oguin@chiropractorkirkwood.com. You can also call the office at 314-822-5300 to sign up or get more information.


Natalie is excited to meet you and get you on a path towards success today!