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Sunset Hills Chiropractor

Dr. O'Guin is a Sunset Hills, MO chiropractor offering safe & effective treatments
Dr. O’Guin is a chiropractor serving the Sunset Hills area specializing in spine care. His approach is unique in that he offers a wide variety of treatment options.

A few of his therapies include chiropractic adjustment, myofascial release, stretching, spinal decompression, acupuncture and functional rehabilitation. These therapies are used to treat back and neck pain, headaches, nerve pain such as sciatica and headaches.

One of the doctors’ biggest passions is offering self-management strategies. This consists of educating patients on how they can live a pain free life by teaching posture correction stretches and exercises. Dr. O’Guin practices yoga himself and has found that with regularly taking care of the spine, the body as a whole is healthier.

Dr. O’Guin was raised near St. Louis and joined the Marine Corps at age 20. When he returned, he immediately started attending classes. Slowly, he became most interested in chiropractic because of his desire to be a back doctor. He considers the spine to be the foundational support for the entire body. Spine health is therefore essential to health in general.

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