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How to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Back pain is the worst! As I'm sure many of you already know, chiropractic usually involves treating back PAIN. However, I want to take that a step further and help you to prevent it entirely. In this video I go through some basic guidelines to keep your spine healthy and happy. Things to Avoid Avoiding postural stresses is one of the most simple and effective ways to maintain a healthy spine. The most common postural stress is spinal flexion or rounding of the back. We have all caught ourselves at one time or another slouching in our chair at work or lazily picking something heavy up. These are exactly the sorts of postures that you want to avoid. Studies have shown that these postural stresses can increase pressure on discs by up to 80%.   Start with Mobility Stretching is a good place to start. Restrictions are major indicators that something isn’t right so keeping...