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Details & Pricing

Our priorities are to offer the highest quality care and a variety of treatment options that work best for you

Why we stopped accepting medical insurance:

  •  We decided that there are already an abundance of chiropractors and physical therapists that are rushed keeping up with a high volume of patients. There are fewer chiropractors and therapists that focus on quality and value. Our office wants to be dedicated to getting clients better faster. Now, instead of working for the insurance companies, WE CAN WORK FOR YOU.

The following are our prices for one visit at a time. 

We also offer discounts for purchasing packages of 12 or 24 sessions which can be as low as $35/session.


This is perfect for our clients who need spinal adjustments and a small amount of myofascial release or stretching.



This option is great for our clients who would like additional time focusing on key areas. In addition to adjustments, we will provide extra time with myofascial release, stretching, acupuncture, traction, or rehabilitation.


This 30-min session is for clients who need a thorough evaluation or would like additional time for more extensive therapies. This is also recommended for new patients.

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